Large Business

Business with 100 PCs or More

As your business crosses the 100-seat threshold, its needs also become more involved. At ACC we understand that larger businesses require more attention and more resources. We have carefully designed our services to help support that growth. For those business that have an in-house IT department, we have solutions that will work to support your staff.

These are areas where we are more effective in helping support your business with or without your local IT Staff:

  1. IT Project Planning and Management
  2. New Equipment Roll-out
  3. Network Audit
  4. Security Audit
  5. Infrastructure Building or Revamping
  6. Disaster Recovery Planning
  7. Business Continuity

We find that our larger customers appreciate the fact that they have us as consultants and they can come to us for brainstorming as well as for talents that they may not have in-house. At times, customers just need a second opinion before committing and investing in a new technology. We have done this for a number of customers and we welcome the opportunity to do t for you.

If you feel that you need help but don’t know exactly where we can best be of assistance, then feel free to order our Free Two-Hour Network Audit. At the end of the audit, we will provide you with a free written report highlighting the areas that need immediate attention.

For more information or to request your free Two-Hour network audit please fill out the short form below: