2017 Roundtable
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Conference Announcement

DEFT 2017 Roundtable ─ New Delhi, India

“Implementation of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Technologies in India"

Date of Conference: 22nd November 2017

The DEFT Advisory and Research is pleased to announce its 2017 Roundtable Conference, 22nd November 2017 at the ICAR-NASC Pusa Road in New Delhi, India.

The half-a-day Roundtable will focus on a unique theme: “Implementation of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Technologies in India”, aiming to advance current knowledge about ways to improve the understanding of the right applicable technologies and devising an approach to mainstreaming the same with a stipulated financial framework which gives also options to explore the climate finance avenues.

Roles and Topics: As you are aware, recently, the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has emphasized India’s continued working “above and beyond the Paris Accord”. Agriculture is one of the most impacted sectors due to climate changes. One of the ways countries across the world are adapting their Agriculture systems to climate change is by implementing Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) technologies. While India has made a start towards this direction, more needs to be done in the near future. Improved implementation of CSA technologies in India is also imperative to achieve the Prime Minister’s visions of “per drop, more crop” and “doubling farmers’ incomes by 2022 by multi-modal interventions” and it also becomes applicable for attaining the sustainable development goals in the agricultural sector.

The Roundtable will be a working conference with participation by invitation (only). For this proposed Roundtable, we have chosen two important and priority areas:

  1. Climate Smart Water Smart Technologies and
  2. Climate Smart Post-Harvest Technologies.

In large parts of India these two are most relevant, but accorded less priority than they merit. Implementation of CSA technologies in Water and Post-Harvest can bring in effective changes.


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