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We specialize in Professional Web Design and Website Development and Web Templates, from small static sites to full-blown dynamic e-commerce websites. JIL Web Design helps clients all over the world establish and maintain a professional Internet presence. Our eye-catching and professional web site designs will make your website stand out to your site visitors and accomplish your intended website goals!


JIL Specialization

JIL Design specialize in unique, high quality professional web site design for both businesses and individuals. JIL Design is run by professionals with over 12 years of business experience including nine years in online, web presence services.

We create sites that look clean, crisp, credible and stylish; but more importantly, we build sites that are useful to visitors and extremely friendly. Most web design firms have talented artists and designers, but lack the technical expertise to manage and support high-end websites. Without experience and correct knowledge, a site can look great but provide poor (or no) return on your investment.

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Effectively market your project to your target audience

We work with you to come up with a design that fits your style. JIL creates unique web sites that help you achieve the goals you have for creating an online presence--whether it is for a business web site or for personal use.

Site usability and cross-platform compliance

Site usability and cross-platform compliance are critical factors as your site grows. JIL understands this aspect and builds sites based on these considerations, even if you haven't specifically asked for it! We develop websites that not only look great but get the results you see.

Maintenance and Support

We include compatibility checks in the three major browser platforms--Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Opera--to ensure the best cross-browser, operating system platform and W3C compliance. We also offer any help or information you'd like to know about managing your web site.

Content Management System

Typically, CMS (Content Management System) are best suited for large sites. But even small sites with a few files can be CMS-enabled at very low cost.If you're in need of a CMS for small sites based without database, get in touch with us and you can be online quickly. Content Control is available for both Linux and Windows platforms, and comes with an online WYSIWYG editor.

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Our systematic methods make it fast and easy to have a professionally designed website for your organisation.

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